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I gained so much knowledge in 1 day which I am effectively using when working with the Transgender youth in the pediatric office I work in!
-2016 Professional Symposium Attendee

Besides being such a great educational experience, it was so nice to see everyone having fun! 
-Beverly A. Fischer, M.D., Plastic Surgeon and Speaker

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​The day will begin with two general sessions for all participants:

  • Gender Basics, to review some key concepts of gender so that we all operate with the same language during our work together.
  • An overview of the findings of the 2015 U.S. Transgender Survey, by the National Center for Transgender Equality

2016 Medical Programming

Guidelines for Gender Dysphoria

--Wylie C. Hembree, MD

Gender dysphoria may appear in children, adolescents and adults. Their endocrine system is either that of a natal male or natal female and is manifested during fetal development and at the onset of puberty. Endocrine management is addressed at the onset of puberty and provides hormone levels appropriate for the person's gender. Long term management assures gender appropriate hormone levels and their physical manifestations throughout life.

Getting Trans Care Covered: Navigating Insurance Coverage

--Finn Brigham, MS

--D'hana Perry, MA

--Ali Harris, MPH, CPH

Navigating health insurance can be difficult for anyone, but is especially complex for transgender related medical and surgical services.  Despite the transformational changes from the Affordable Care Act and state policies mandating private insurers to cover transgender care, accessing transgender health benefits coverage is still difficult and time consuming for patients and providers alike.  This workshop aims to give providers an overview of the insurance options available for medical and surgical care, including how to obtain benefits information, get pre-authorizations for medical and surgical services and advocate for patients’ care to be covered.  Reviewed topics will include an introduction to important health insurance terminology, best practices to navigate private insurance policies and a troubleshooting guide of when and how to get help from knowledgeable health advocates. We will also discuss real-life experiences and important considerations in advocating for state-based coverage.

An Overview of Medical Considerations for Gender Diverse Youth

--Elyse Pine, MD

This workshop will focus on medical care for transgender and gender diverse youth from childhood to early adulthood. Among topics discussed are finding affirming information for pre-pubertal children, timing and types of puberty blockers, along with risks and benefits of puberty blockers. Hormone regimens for feminizing and masculinizing therapies, along with risks and benefits will be discussed. Current and future options for fertility preservation will be discussed. An overview of guidelines, recent research, and areas for future research will be presented.

Gender Affirming Surgery: Options, Preparation and Aftercare

--Rachel Bluebond-Langner, MD

--Beverly Fischer, MD

--Sean Lare, LCSW-C

This workshop will review gender-affirming surgeries for both trans men and women. We will describe the procedures, discuss the operative requirements and readiness for surgery, including insurance coverage, and will discuss aftercare and potential complications.