The Trans Youth Project: The Latest Results From the First Large, National Study of Transgender Children

--Kristina Olson, PhD

This talk will discuss the latest results from the ongoing Tran Youth Project study, the first large, national study of gender non-conforming and socially-transitioned transgender children. I will describe why the study was begun, what the study entails, and our findings to date, as well as answer questions about the study or the broader research on gender nonconformity in early childhood.

Creating an Equitable New York City: A Holistic Approach to Transformative Government

--Lorenzo Van Ness, BA

--Daryl Cochrane, MPA

--Lauren Elfant, JD

--Ezra Cukor, JD

--Vanessa Ramos, JD

This panel will include a representative from each of the three branches of NYC Commission on Human Rights: the Community Relations Bureau (CRB); the Law Enforcement Bureau (LEB); and the Office of the Chairperson.  Each panelist will give a two-minute introduction describing their role and the role of their branch of the agency, and then a five-minute presentation highlighting the work of their branch of the agency and its strategies for combating discrimination.  The workshop will then move into a longer discussion, engaging workshop participants both living in, and outside of, NYC about what barriers and obstacles their clients and communities face in accessing government services, and how government can provide truly culturally competent services, as well as using its authority to remove barriers. 

2016 Multidisciplinary & Research Programming

We are pursuing Continuing Education Credits


You will leave this conference a changed person. I was not the same person who walked through the first doors.  Through meeting and listening to presenters and attendees helped me understand myself and the students under my care.  
-2016 Professional Symposium Attendee

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​The day will begin with two general sessions for all participants:

  • Gender Basics, to review some key concepts of gender so that we all operate with the same language during our work together.
  • An overview of the findings of the 2015 U.S. Transgender Survey, by the National Center for Transgender Equality

Both/And: Neither/Nor:  Creating Best Practices for Gender Fluid Children and Youth 

--Robin P. McHaelen, MSW

Most of us who have been doing this work for years know exactly how to respond to questions about supporting binary transgender children and youth. Often our definitions even include words like persistent, insistent, consistent identification with a gender that is different from one’s birth sex. But what about the kids who, by definition, are not consistent?  Where are the policies for kids who are both a boy AND a girl, or neither, or some combination of each that changes all the time. In what ways does race, ethnicity, religiosity, class, immigrant status and other intersecting identities impact and inform the discussion on fluidity? I don't have all the answers - but, maybe WE do. The workshop goal is to identity – and develop answers to -- key questions we get from schools and providers about gender fluid children and youth. Let’s create our own best practices.

Multidisciplinary Care for Transgender Youth:  Models and Strategies from the HRC Foundation Survey

--Gabe Murchison, MPH

--Tari Hanneman, MPA

--Linda Hawkins, PhD, MSEd, LPC

--Carolyn Wolf-Gould, MD

There are now more than forty multidisciplinary clinical care programs for transgender children and youth across the United States. This session will present results from the Human Rights Campaign Foundation's national survey of these programs and its subsequent convening of medical and mental health providers. It will highlight the varied forms these programs take, strategies for founding and expanding them, and tactics for dealing with non-clinical challenges in areas like reimbursement, care coordination, and institutional support. Finally, it will describe how clinicians have partnered with the HRC Foundation to leverage their expertise for public education.